Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Brianna's 9th Birthday

It's been nine years. And we finally had a beautiful, sunny, 50-degree day to visit the cemetery on Brianna's birthday. We even left our coats in the car!

As I reflect on Brianna's birth nine years ago, I remember those long days of hospital bed rest, and I remember tight contractions starting the evening of February 13th. "Too soon," I thought, "It's too soon!" Near midnight, my water broke and we knew Brianna's birth was imminent. We also knew that Brianna was too small to survive. Looking back, I see that nothing is "too soon" or "too late" with God. His timing is perfect. I am so grateful that God went on to bless us with two more beautiful girls. This morning at our school devotions, I sat next to Audrey and heard her singing the alto line to "It is Well" as I sang soprano. God is so generous, and I am grateful. Life, no matter how long or short, is a gift. It is well with my soul.

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